I am an artist, a woodland steward, and a story teller.  A tree responding to influences from water, light, air, and earth is a sustained element in my work. I pursue ways to observe, experience, and articulate a vigorous synergy seen around tree growth throughout the world. The natural life of trees is fascinating whether in wilderness, forest, woodland, fence rows, yards, or transportation right-of-ways.

     The primary artistic medium I work with is ink wash painting. I splash, brush, flood, spray, push and pull liquid pigment over a surface. The techniques I employ in my visual vocabulary correspond to actions in the natural world. This suggests mystery in the imagery which is as important as the introduced detail. Each viewing provides unique experience.

Contemporary Ink Wash Paintingss


  1. Be curious
  2. Accept time on hand.
  3. Respect materials and resources in supporting a visual vocabulary.
  4. Try another one.
  5. Celebrate the milestones.