Work is Represented At:

45 Degree Gallery

Guttenberg Gallery and Creativity Center

So….What’s in the Wash
      I draw. The medium has allowed me to explore boundless visual banter streaming in a nearly continuous timeline.  I can shuffle between myth and logic, swap light for shade, maybe falter, or sometimes thrive. Intuitive expression ricochets from an invisible voice. Substance and form mingle. Every trickle of discovery drives exploration into something new.

born: 1952, Casper Wyoming

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The Ink
       The ink I use is a transparent solution of water and finely ground organic pigments. This ink is developed with both carbon black and color pigments suspended in water. Commercial mixtures, commonly called India ink, are available for purchase in bottled, ready to use concentrations.

       Any concentration of ink can be diluted with additional water. Light and dark value is created by manipulating the quantity of pigments concentrated in a solution. A desired outcome materializes as water evaporates out. The pigments emerge from the liquid, stick in place where they lie, and dry in a waterproof state. Form and substance is described by the relative position each pigment has to the other on the surface.

The Mechanics