Work is Represented At:

45 Degree Gallery

Guttenberg Gallery and Creativity Center

Left Bank Gallery (closed for winter)

born: 1952, Casper Wyoming

Online Art Gallery

So….What’s in the Wash  


Antilles School, St Thomas, United States Virgin Islands

Andrew J. Wroble -   Fine Art

- June and Andrew Look at Art -

The Process

   The ink I use is a transparent mixture of finely ground pigments in water. Value, tint, shade, and tone are manipulated by varying the density of matter in the liquid. Solutions are developed with both carbon black and colored agents. The dispersed elements can be diluted by adding additional water. Commercial mixtures, called “India Ink”, are available in ready to use concentrations.

   My paintings are expressed by associating a relative relationship between pigments on a surface. I achieve this by splashing, floating, dragging, and pushing ink over paper laid out flat. Surface fibers bend and sway like trees on a landscape responding to changing climate. Marks, lines, and form move through the composition. Then, as water evaporates off, drying pigments permanently bond in place.